Your Assignment

In order to provide you with safe interior design services, we will need:


  • Measurements of the entire room, all windows and doorways, and any existing furnishings you want to include in the space
  • Photos taken straight on of each of the 4 walls of the room and any existing furnishings that you want to stay
  • Style inspiration images that you like
  • After receipt of these items, we will set up a one-hour Zoom meeting to discuss your preferences and how you want the room to feel when completed

The Design Process

Time to work on your Beautiful Room in a Box which will include:


  • A floor plan with appropriate furnishings placed with sizes noted, PLUS, an alternate arrangement
  • A color scheme for all elements of the room, based on your preferences, shown on a color inspiration and style sheet
  • Paint swatches and/or wallcovering samples
  • Suggested fabric swatches
  • Window treatment suggestions
  • The 411 and details on how to execute the design
  • All above will be placed in the box, tied with a ribbon and delivered to your front porch.

Virtual Presentation

After your design is delivered, we will meet  via Zoom for a one-hour final consultation to go over your Beautiful Room in a Box:


  • Review the floor plans and all contents
  • Discuss the selections in our custom design
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • After discussion, one alteration to the floor plan may be requested and it will be emailed to you
  • Your Beautiful Room In A Box is now ready for you to start creating the room of your dreams, on your timeline and within your decorating allowance.